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FAQs regarding
Robotics @APEX

Is it hard to enter Robotics @APEX?

Just give it a shot, give it all that you got (even without prior experience, we do not only look out for skills)!! You never know if you may just be able to make the cut! 🔥🔥🔥

Is prior experience required? Will I be able to meet the club's requirements?

Prior experience is not required, as long as you are passionate to learn about Robotics! Although it may seem daunting initially, with hard work, dedication and open-mindedness throughout the training provided, you can definitely succeed here! There are many of us here who also did not take Robotics in Primary School.

What competitions does Robotics @APEX participate in? Are they sufficient for LEAPS 2.0?

In Robotics @APEX, we use a variety of systems including LEGO, MakeX, VEX, Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Each system has its own array of competitions and categories to participate in such as First LEGO League (FLL) or MakeX Championships. Additionally, we also participate in broader, more open competitions such as the renowned National Robotics Competition or RoboCup. An exhaustive list of all competitions we have won an award in can be found on the achievements page.

In Robotics @APEX, you will be given ample opportunities to participate in a myriad of competitions and guaranteed (and mandated) at least one per year. Hence, it is highly likely you would be able to meet the requirements of LEAPS 2.0 which is to represent the school at an event for 3 years or more (Level 4 for Representation).

Apart from competitions, what else does Robotics @APEX do?

We also organise values-in-action (VIA) projects to benefit the community and Research and Development (RnD) projects (previously known as student-initiated projects (SIP)) to venture into how modern and upcoming technology may be used in real world problems.

As part of the Research and Development projects, our students are able to freely explore their interests and build projects that they are passionate about. In the process, they will learn to utilise the Engineering Design Process as a guideline in designing and prototyping their products.

Our students also participate in VIA service projects. These VIA projects are done once every year where the club would go and help a group of people in our community, be it students, elderly or the needy. VIA projects aims use Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) to help and educate others.

Are the seniors nice? Will I be able to integrate into the community?

As a senior writing this, I can assure you that we don't bite :> You will be warmly welcomed into our community and we will do our best to guide you in your Robotics @APEX journey. (we are also very cool people 😎 so don't worry)

Just have confidence in yourself, of course it would take time to find your place in the community, but don't let that deter you!